Wednesday 25 May 2022

Yesterday at Cape Cornwall, UK. Great to find some Sea Pinks still in flower, especially ones in this deep pink colour.

Sony A7RIV, Canon 24mm tilt/shift lens, 1/60th, f/8, ISO100, tripod.

#cornwall #capecornwall #seapinks #thrift #armeria

Sunday 15 May 2022

Pink sky above the Sea Pinks, Holywell Beach, Cornwall, UK. Already having had success with this composition on Wednesday, I returned on Thursday hoping to get a pink sky, which I knew would look good. Unfortunately it was grey, but I tried my luck again the next night and got this superb image on Friday. Patience and persistence are the name of this game. There were two other professional photographers there on the beach, but hopefully their images don't come up to this one's standard!

Sony A7RIV, Tamron 17-28mm lens, 1/60th, f/8, ISO100, tripod.

#cornwall #holywell #holywellbay #holywellbeach #seapinks #thrift #armeria

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Last night at Holywell Beach, Cornwall, UK. Breezy and slightly cold, but wonderful. I waited here for an hour and a half till the sun was in the right place for the composition. Didn't stay for the sunset as I could see the sun was going to go behind thick cloud. Went home happy. Even happier today when I processed this great image.

Sony A7RIV, Tamron 17-28mm lens, 1/1500th, f/8, ISO100, tripod.

#cornwall #holywell #holywellbay #holywellbeach #seapinks #thrift #armeria

Sunday 8 May 2022

This morning at sunrise, Tehidy Woods, Cornwall, UK. A 5:40am start as the Bluebells are at peak now. Such wonderful peace in between the beautiful bird song

Sony A7RIV, Tamron 28-75mm lens, 1/60th, f/8, ISO100, tripod.

#cornwall #tehidy #tehidywoods #bluebells