Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Massive rain cloud

Almost cursed a massive rain cloud last night at Kimmeridge, but after it went over the
light was amazing for about 20 minutes, such drama in the sky. Love it! Slept in the car, freezing cold all night then woke at 4:20am to a frost. May is supposed to be a warm month isn't it?


  1. Hi Tony

    Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely crazy about your landscape work. It inspires me to learn the extent you which you go to get your photographs.

    I heard Bruce Percy say that he'll do absolutely anything to get a good photograph. Today, I've learnt that you are willing to sleep in your car to wake early at your chosen spot.

    I think I'm going to begin this level of commitment too.

    Cee Dhinjan

  2. Thank you Cee, yes, if you have a certain amount of dedication you do get better shots. Don't know if I'd do absolutely anything to get a good shot though(!), but I don't mind discomfort (you get used to it). One thing I will say though, is to always take time with your shots, I call it 'getting in the zone', it's just me, relaxed with camera on tripod, taking in the scenery. Really seeing, and really thinking. It's meditative. Best wishes to you

  3. very Turner-esque image, superb - admire the in-car dedication too!

    1. Thanks Chas, I'm an admirer of Turner so maybe this image was subconsciously created with his work in mind?